This Video Naat Qasida Burda Sung By Prof Abdul Rauf Rufi. He Is One From The Best Sana Khawan In Pakistan. We Are Presenting This Naat In HD Quality. Listen This Naat And Inspired Your Life With It.

Naat Title : Qasida Burda
Sana Khawan : Prof Abdul Rauf Rufi

..:” Lyrics “:..

Mawlaya salli wa sallim dai’man
Abadan ala habibi ka khayril khalqi kullihimi
Muhammadun sayyidul kawnaini wa thaqalayn
Wal fareeqaini min urbiw wamin ajami

Nabbiyunal aameerun naahi falaa ahadunn
Abarra fi qawli laa min huwala na’ami

Huwal habibulladhi turja shafaa atuhu
Likulli haw liminal ahwaali muqtahami

Subh tayba mein huwee bat taa hai baara noor ka
Sadqa leyne noor kaa aaya hai taara noor kaa

Baagh tayba mein suhaana phool phoola noor kaa
Mast buu hai bulbulen parti hain kalima noor kaa

Baarahween ke chand ka mujra hai sajda noor kaa
Baarah burjon se jhuka ik ik sitaara noor kaa

Tere hi maathe rahaa ay jaan sahaaraa noor kaa
Bakht jaaga noor kaa chamka sitaara noor kaa

Main gadaa tuu baadshah bhar de piyaala noor kaa
Noor din dunaa tera dey daal sadqaa noor kaa

Taaj wale dekh kar tera imaama noor kaa
Sar jhuka te hai illahi bol baala noor kaa

Chaand jhuk jaata jidhar unglee utaate mahd me
Kya hi chalta ta ishaaro par khilawna noor kaa

Teri nasl paak mein hai bachcha bachcha noor kaa
Tuu hai ayn e noor teraa sab gharaana noor kaa

Ey raza ye ahmed noori ka faiz eh noor hai
ho gayee meri ghazal badh kar qaseeda noor kaa

Mawla ya salli wa sallim daiman abadan
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