This Video Naat Oj Pana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai Sung By Owais Raza Qadri. He Is One From The Best Sana Khawan In Pakistan. We Are Presenting This Naat In HD Quality. Listen This Naat And Inspired Your Life With It.

Naat Title : Oj Pana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai
Sana Khawan : Owais Raza Qadri

..:” Lyrics “:..

Oj Paana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai
Arsh Jaana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Arsh Se Bhi Paray Woh Ho Ae
Aana Jaana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Shadiyane Bajay Shab e Mairaj
Aaj Jana Meray Huzoor Ka Hai

Haq Ta’aala Ka Jalwa Raaton Raat
Daikh Aana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Baithay Baithay Madinah Ghoom Ae
Kya Bulaana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Dainay Waali Hai Zaat Allah Ki
Par Dilaana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Qabr Ka Khoaf Ho Mujhay Kyon Kar
Wahan pay aana mery huzoor ka hai

Gam Na Mehsar Ki Dhoop Ka Hai Waan
Shamiyana Mere Huzur Ka Hai

Kash Kehnay Lagain Yeh Log Obaid
Tu Deewana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Dil Ubaid E Raza Ka Hai Gulshan
Dil Sajana Mere Huzur Ka Hai

Main Hoon Tayyar Intezar Yeh Hai
Kab Bulaana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Har Khazaana Mere Hazoor Ka Hai

Bhai Bhai Muhajiro Ansar
Dil Milana Mere Huzur Ka Hai

Lalo Yaqut Nilamo Marjan
Har Khazana Mere Huzur Ka Hai

Jame Sheer Ek Sher Sattar Ne
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